Label Print, Woven Label and Patches

For the label print we use the fabric such as: Satin, Cotton and Herringbone
( cotton fabric with texture ).

for the cotton label print, We have 2 options, cotton label in roll, it’s mean that they come in roll ( 40 meters in roll ) , and the other option is cotton label in sheet, most my customer that need cotton label in sheet as We don’t have the size that they want to have in roll standard size, so later they need to cut manually then stitch after to their cloths. You also can use this label as patch.

For the satin and herringbone Labels they always come in roll, for satin label , most people use as ribbon printed label, to wrap the packaging and also can be use as size label, care instruction label, composition label and neck label. Minimum order is one roll ( 170 meters for satin and 35 meters for the herringbone )

The most durable label is woven label, We have minimum order 3.000 pcs for neck label, and side label, but for size label minimum order is 6.000 pcs and for big Patch woven label 600 pcs is welcome. Woven label also can be use for care instruction label or composition label.

* for echo friendly label the option is Cotton Label and Herringbone Labels time frame for Satin Label, Cotton Labels and Herringbone Labels is one week working this and for the woven labels will take 4 weeks working days.